December 13, 2014

Introducing The Twelve Days of Lailah! (& An Awesome Giveaway!)

Welcome to The Twelve Days of Lailah, created and hosted by your founding members of the Styclar Street Team. From now until Christmas Day, members will be featuring exclusive posts on their blog revolved around Lailah, the holidays, and of course, author Nikki Kelly herself!

Here's just a sneak peek of what's to come for this awesome event:

*Sunday, December 14th: Beth at Curling Up With a Good Book shares a Lailah-themed Christmas playlist.

*Monday, December 15th: Brittany at Please Feed the Bookworm matches Lailah characters to their fitting ugly Christmas sweaters.

*Tuesday, December 16th: Rachel at A Perfection Called Books shares exactly what to get the Lailah, Gabriel and Jonah for Christmas.

*Wednesday, December 17th: Patricia at The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club shines some light on exactly how Gabriel and Jonah would celebrate the holidays in their respective realms.

*Thursday, December 18th: Pili at In Love With Handmade whips up some Lailah holiday cupcakes.

*Friday, December 19th: Andrew at Endlessly Reading showcases Jonah and Brooke's potential Christmas outfits.

*Saturday, December 20th: Jessica at The Book Bratz hosts a guest post by Lailah author Nikki Kelly where she shares her favorite Christmas traditions and memories.

*Sunday, December 21st: Ri at Hiver et Cafe releases some exclusive Lailah quotes and shares her take on what Lailah would wear for Christmas.

*Monday, December 22nd: Andrew at Endlessly Reading hosts a character interview with author Nikki Kelly, Lailah, Jonah and Gabriel.

*Tuesday, December 23rd: Genissa at A Story Diary hosts a guest post from Nikki Kelly about the Christmas scene from Lailah.

*Wednesday, December 24th: Dana at Dana Square bakes some Lailah-inspired Christmas cookies.

*Thursday, December 25th: Amber at The Book Bratz releases a brand-new rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas - Lailah style.

It's going to be the best twelve days of the Christmas season, and you're invited to partake in it! In addition to these awesome posts, follow @StyclarPlena on Twitter to see hand-picked favorite Lailah quotes by author Nikki Kelly and stay updated on everything that goes on during this awesome event!

And don't forget to enter our exclusive giveaway:

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