The Team


If you’re a fan of The Styclar Saga, and want to declare your love and spread the Styclar word, you can join our Styclar Street Team!

The Street Team consists of two groups: FOUNDERS and MEMBERS.


The Founders of the Street Team are made up of bloggers who read and loved Lailah early on, and who wanted to help spread the Styclar word!

They speak with Nikki frequently, and have the most up to date info on ALL THE HAPPENINGS! The Founders work on various initiatives: book blitz, twitter chats, fan sites, quizzes and more, so look out for their updates on social media!

Amber & Jessica - The Book Bratz
Anasheh - A Reading Nurse
Andrew - Endlessly Reading
Beth - Curling Up With A Good Book
Brittany - Please Feed The Bookworm
Crystal - Crystal In Bookland
Dana - Dana Square
Danny - Bewitched Bookworms
Genissa - A Story Diary
Octavia & Shelly - Read. Sleep. Repeat.
Patricia - The Unofficial Addiction Book Fanclub
Pili - In Love With Handmade
Rachel - A Perfection Called Books
Ri - Hiver et Café


Want to become a member of the Styclar Street Team? We’d love to have you!
If you’ve read Lailah, enjoyed the story, and want to get involved, here’s what to do!

1. Simply take a selfie with your copy of the book, and tweet it with the following hash tag: #STYCLARSTREETTEAM. *If you don’t want your face splashed across the internet, take a shot of the book for us instead, perhaps with a furry friend!

2. Email your selfie directly to Nikki — nikki[at]thestyclarsaga[dot]com and your awesome selfie will be uploaded to the Styclar website!

3. Be sure to check the Styclar Street Team page regularly for the latest news, initiatives and special giveaways!

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